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We educate & empower families w/ research-based information to better prepare them for their breastfeeding journey.


Breastfeeding Essentials 101
This class is designed for pre-birth education. Why a breastfeeding class at Sweet Beginnings over a hospital-based class? The price may be the same but the experience is completely different. At Sweet Beginnings we keep our class sizes small to ensure for individual attention and make sure your questions get answered. Hospital classes are larger and more general. Most hospital breastfeeding classes are not taught by an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) whereas Sweet Beginnings instructors are IBCLC's. Ask a question, get an honest answer.

For a great start to breastfeeding, enjoy our practical, fun, and evidence-based three hour class and learn all about breastfeeding. Couples are encouraged to attend. Please bring a Doll/teddy bear to practice with.



Breastfeeding Refresher

Did you have less than your best experience with your last baby? Let's plan on making this experience a great one! Many moms have 'speed bumps' with each baby, come and get your issues addressed.

This 1 hour class is designed for pre-birth education, for mothers who have already breastfed (or gave it their best) once, twice or more. This class will go over the basics of positioning, milk handling, milk supply and troubleshooting previous issues from past breastfeeding experiences. We will have a loose format to make this class open for group discussion. Bring partner, as your best supporter and advocate for breastfeeding. This will allow their questions and concerns answered as well.

* This is private session, call (303) 317-5795 to book your appointment.

  • Class Investment -$40/individual or couple

Returning to Work/Breastfeeding Success

What if I can't pump enough milk when I'm back at work?  Let us educate and empower you to know!
Come with your questions.

Topics Discussed:
- Pumping for a successful breastfeeding experience
- Pumping schedule and storing breastmilk
- Introducing bottles while momma is at work

- Establishing and maintaining a good milk supply

* This is a private session due to mommas different job skills, schedules, hours, and concerns.

All your concerns will be addressed and a plan will be designed specifically for you.

  • Class Investment -$45 for 30 minutes
  • Call (303) 317-5795 to book your appointment

Breastfeeding Support Circle

Best intended for mommas who have basic breastfeeding concerns and/or breastfeeding questions. Includes a baby weight check. Meet other mommas in our community and let us be your "village".

This group is facilitated by Ana Hill, IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant). Breastfeeding mommas are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences.

  • Please do not arrive any more than 15 mintues early to the group.


a private lactation consultation with Ana Hill, IBCLC


Herbs & Wellness for Breastfeeding


Increase or enrich your milk supply with the use of herbal teas and nutrition basics. Learn what to avoid, what to reach for, and other simple “how-tos” for happier and healthier breastfeeding. Cost: $15

Please note, all class names, description and class materials that are not trademarked through a national organization are all copyrights of Sweet Beginnings. If being used without written permission from Sweet Beginnings, legal action can be saught. Thank you for respecting the hard work we put into our creations.

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