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Baby's First Foods & Baby Food Making
This workshop is a 2 part workshop co-taught by a nutritionist. First you'll learn the How, What, Where, When and Why: An Exploration of Food Introduction. Introducing solid foods can be a confusing process. Find out what is best for your baby and join in the discussion about when to introduce solids, what foods are best, how to recognize a food allergy/intolerance and much more. A brief overview of infant digestion and immunity, the essentials of infant nutrition and food safety will be included.

The second half of the class, you'll learn how to make your own baby food; cooking techniques, storage, and more. You'll even go home with some baby food to try!

  • Cost is $25

Time: 9am-10:30am

Upcoming Dates

January 31st

March 28th

May 30th

July 25th

September 26th

November 21st

Baby Led Weaning...more appropriately called Baby Led Feeding 

This class is a complimentary workshop to “Baby’s First Foods” and provides more detail for the parents considering “Baby Led Weaning” , or more easily understood “Baby Led Feeding,” approach.

From the time your baby is about 6 months old, they are sitting up and beginning to grab for your food. This is the time to strike while the iron is hot! In a nutshell, we will discuss getting rid of the blenders, the ice cube trays and the purees and saying ‘so long to mush!” Since breastmilk or formula will continue to be the primary source of nutrition until they are a year old, the main goal of feeding solids at this time is to give them an opportunity to learn. Rather than putting food in their mouth with a spoon or a fork, we give them the chance to explore different textures and tastes. Similar to learning to crawl or walk, which of course we can’t do for them, this allows baby to lead the way when it comes to eating. And teeth aren’t necessary!  If you are interested in learning how meal times can be just you and your child, eating food that you enjoy with you and your family then I encourage you to attend this 1 hour workshop.


Cost - $9 (minimum of 5 people)


Time: 10am-11am

Upcoming Dates

December 2

February 9

April 13



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