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Ask the Doctor

Join our one hour sit-down with local Professionals in the area. This is an open forum for all your questions to be answered. Whether they pertain to cold/flu, rashes, vaccines, etc..or your just wanting to learn more about their pediatric practice.

* FREE Workshop - Must preregister to attend


Wills & Wellness: Estate Planning for Growing Families

Bonnie Bowles, new mom and estate planning attorney, is reaching out to growing families - like yours and hers - to educate you about protecting your children by naming a guardian, protecting yourself in an emergency, and protecting your nest egg from the expense of probate. Bonnie's talks are very kid- and family-focused, and she makes it easy to learn about the ins-and-outs of estate planning. Having a plan in place is invaluable to your loved ones. Please join to learn more! As a new mom to lovely Evangeline, Bonnie understands that spending time away from your little one is not always easy. Children are always welcome at Wills & Wellness Talks!

 * FREE Workshop - Must preregister to attend

The Workshops below are for PROFESSIONALS within the COMMUNITY,

NOT to be taken by our families

Essential Oils for Professionals

This workshop is designed for professionals who are looking to strengthen their understanding and the use of essential oils. Discover which oils are responsive and how they are directly related to different reactions within the body. Come learn within your scope of practice how to best utilize a wider array of herbs and oils used for physical and emotional sense for well-being.

Herbs and Tinctures

This workshop is meant to “educate and empower” you as a professional and gain  knowledge on certain herbs so you have a better understanding of how they work with the body.  For example, If asked by a client about certain herbs, you will have the basic  knowledge to share but also know to steer them to a professional so you can stay within your scope of practice.

Come learn how to use essential oils safely and build a solid foundation for your continued educational success for yourself and your clients.  

Scheduled Date: March 23rd 2014

* Must preregister to attend this workshop


A Professional Training: Fueling Your Educational Toolbox

Professional Education Opportunity for Doulas
A doula has the exceptional honor of sharing the unique journey a family takes when they welcome their new baby. A doula also has a responsibility to continually increase her knowledge base, confidante in her ability to provide her clients with the best possible care. We are pleased to offer an opportunity for doulas in the Denver metro area to deepen your knowledge of different modalities of care and gain information that will help you support your work as a doula.  

To view the FULL day's schedule, please Click : A Professional Training: Fueling Your Educational Toolbox

Scheduled Date : February 15th @ 1pm

+ Must preregister to attend workshop



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