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Nursing Suite
~*~ Nurse ~ Relax and Visit ~ Change a Diaper ~ Coffee and Tea ~*~



                                 Our nursing suite is open during our boutique hours and no appointments are necessary.

              You are welcome to stop by to nurse anytime or weigh your little one. A changing table is also provided.

~*~ Infant Scale ~*~

This service is offered FREE to our clients. It is the best way a mother can be assured that her breastfed (or formula fed) baby is getting enough. Families have the opportunity to do a complete pre and post weigh and feed baby checkup all in the comfort of our nursing suite or at our weekly breastfeeding support group. These groups are facilitated by not only by our IBCLC's but along with our other practitioners such as our chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, midwive and/or therapist all whom love to drop-in and show their support by helping to answer your questions with their expertise.

Best part about Sweet Beginnings besides our winning smiles :) is that there is NO judgement. Whether your a breastfeeding momma or formula feeding momma, we are here to support you, your family and most of all your baby. Bring your little one by anytime you want for a little peace of mind and some support. Our nursing suite and scale are in our Retail Boutique, no appointment necessary and we will walk you though exactly how to do a weight check and make you feel at ease if you have never done one before. It's fun to just stop by and weigh your little one to see how much they have gained.

Remember, Sweet Beginnings is here for you, that's why were are here! NO question is too simple to answer nor is it to difficult to discuss AND if we don't have the answer for you personally, we can sure point you in the direction of the expert who does. 

The best times to weight your baby

3 to 5 day after hospital discharge, 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks or anytime you may feel you have concerns that your little one may not be gaining. You may also want to consider making an appointment with our certified and trained lactation consultant to help ease your worries and make sure you and your baby are both doing well. Don't forget about those pesky "growth spurts" babies rely so heavily upon every several weeks.

Sweet Beginnings uses Medela's hospital grade LCD digital babyweigh infant scale that measures to 1/4 oz (5g).

* Please check our Pump and Scale Rental Section for our rental rates.

Our dual breastpumps both for purchase and rental are the lowest in town! If you find it lower, show us proof and we will match our competitor's price!

Considering a lactation consult? Lactation counseling is available at Sweet Beginnings. We offer both an in-home consult or you can choose to do it at our wellness center.  Don't wait, make an appointment today!


Tallulah Grace (middle daughter of owner)


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