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Newborn Care & Early Parenting
Those first few moments to several hours after birth and decisions you will need to make in regards to cord pulsating, vernix, breastfeeding, medications administered and so much more. Come with questions and we will be sure to help answer them for you, along w/ our "guest" pediatrician(s).

  • Newborn Appearance
  • Cord Care
  • Pediatricians
  • Holding and soothing your newborn
  • Diapering and Bathing your newborn
  • Feeding and weight recommendations
  • Tips on bonding with baby

Cost :$50 per individual/couple

*A minimum of 2 couples are required to hold this class.

Upcoming Dates

March 30th | 6:30p-9p

May 2th | 8a-11a

July 18th | 8a-11a

September 28th | 6:30p-9

November 7th | 8a-11a


Cloth Diapering 101
STOP all the researching! When it comes to cloth diapers, there is too much information out there, and it is overwhelming! Why waste your time on the computer when you can come by, sit for a workshop, get all your questions answered and learn things you hadn't even thought to ask all along. Best part of it all, you get to touch the cloth diapers along with accessories such as doublers, inserts, wet bags, pail liners, stay-dry liners, snappi's, etc... and play with them all.

What about the smell?
Do I really have to soak them?
How much longer will it take for me to change my little one?
What about the washing?
How many do I need to start with?

Cost: $10 per individual/couple

Upcoming Dates

April 4th | 9a-10a

June 20th | 9a-10a

August 15th | 9a-10a

October 17th | 9a-10a


Wills & Wellness: Free Estate Planning Talk

Learn all about estate planning from Bonnie Bowles, Estate Planning Attorney & Organized Mom. You’ll get comfy and cozy with the fictional “Peace” Family as a way to learn how various life events can go predictably and how you intend – giving you “peace” of mind, or how without planning things can go awry and get very expensive.  You’ll also learn how to avoid the judge (a stranger) from deciding who raises your children and manages their assets. This is a slide presentation with Q&A at the end. No children please. As a talk attendee you’ll get gift certificates for a few perks including 10% off your estate plan!

Website : http://willsandwellness.com

Note: Bonnie also does informal talks where children are welcome for family – see the event called,

Wills & Wellness: Estate Planning Essentials for Parents

Cost: Free Workshop

Upcoming Dates 

March 3rd |10a-11:30a

March 4th |2p-3:30p


Wills & Wellness: Estate Planning Essentials for Parents

Bonnie Bowles, Estate Planning Attorney & Organized Mom, reaches out to growing families - like yours and hers - to educate you about protecting your children by naming a guardian, protecting yourself in an emergency, and protecting your nest egg from the expense of probate.  Bonnie's talks are very kid- and family-focused, and she makes it easy to learn about the ins-and-outs of estate planning.  Having a plan in place is invaluable to your loved ones.  Please join to learn more!  As a talk attendee you’ll get gift certificates for a few perks including 10% off your estate plan. 

Note: Bonnie also does a FREE talk with a slide presentation that highlights a fictional family’s life events as another way to learn about estate planning – see the event called,

Wills & Wellness: Free Estate Planning Talk.

Cost: Free Workshop

Upcoming Dates 

April 14th |10a-11a

July 9th |2p-3p

Oct. 6th |10a-11a


American Red Cross Pediatric CPR/AED
Learn how to overcome any reluctance to act in emergency situations and to recognize and care for life threatening respiratory or cardiac emergencies in infants (under the age of 1) and children (ages 1-12) during this two-hour class. This class incorporates DVD segments with hands on practice of skills on life like infant and child CPR manikins. Registrants will receive information packets with pictures and step by step directions to take with them.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Emergency Protocols
  • Breathing Emergencies/Obstructions
  • Allergic Reactions/Anaphylaxis
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • If time allows: Basic First Aid

**If you wish to be certified, a written multiple choice exam must be completed successfully, and cost is 20/person for the PDF version or $25/person for the PDF+wallet version in addition to the cost of the class.

Cost: $40/person

Upcoming Dates

April 1st | 7p-9p

June 3rd | 7p-9p

August 5th | 7p-9p

October 7th | 7p-9p

December 2nd | 7p-9p


Basic Infant Massage

Basic infant massage can provide all the wonderful benefits that massage offers adults and more. It is foremost, a bonding experience between parents and baby and can be used in conjunction with recommended skin-to-skin time. It is excellent for soothing an anxious baby or to comfort one back to sleep.

Our infant massage class is taught by our lovely massage therapist, Sarah. She teaches parents a simple routine for general infant massage, as well as exercises to stimulate muscle development and coordination.

Some Benefits of Infant Massage for Baby

* Promotes better sleep

* Boosts immune system

* Helps digestion (constipation, diarrhea, etc...)

* Relief for teething pain

* Relief from colds, colic and hiccups

Cost: $30 per individual/couple

Upcoming Dates

April 4th | 10a-12p


Introducing Baby's First Foods & Baby Led Feeding

Learn the How, What, Where, When and Why behind introducing foods to your baby. An Exploration of introducing solid foods to baby. The class is taught by a Certified Nutrition Therapist and a Baby Led Weaning mama (who has done both the traditional way and BLW way with her two kids) to cover the what and the how of solid food introduction.

Find out what is best for your baby and join in the discussion about when to introduce solids, what foods are best, how to recognize a food allergy/intolerance and much more.

The second half of the class will be the introduction of Purees and Baby Led Weaning. Both approaches will be explained and discussed so you can decide on which one best fits your family.

We do NOT have a commercial kitchen so any food made on the premises must stay.

Cost: $35 per Indivudual/couple

Upcoming Dates

January 31st | 9a-10:30a

March 28th| 9a-10:30a

May 30th| 9a-10:30a

July - COMING!

September 26th| 9a-10:30a

November 21st | 9a-10:30a


Potty Training Basic

  • Ready to say “bye bye!” to diapers but not quite sure where to start? Join us for this one hour class and we will cover signs of readiness, encouraging cooperation, overcoming obstacles, and basic potty training 101.

Cost: $20 per individual/couple

Upcoming Dates

May 23rd | 9:00-10:00am


Wonderful ONE year olds

  • Where did that tiny baby go? You made it through the first 12 months and let us help you with the ext amazing stage of your childs life. We will cover sleeping, eating, behavior expectation, and how to parent to best enjoy this amazing time in your childs life.

Cost: $20 per individual/couple

Upcoming Dates

March 13th | 7:00-9:00pm

Sept. 18th | 7:00-9:00pm


Taming the Twos

  • Age two is an amazing stage of discovery, independence, language...and kicking and screaming meltdowns! Don’t be discouraged, let us help you understand the developmental stage, ways to parent to avoid frustration and delightful activities perfect for children in their second year.

Cost: $20 per individual/couple

Upcoming Dates

April 17th | 7:00-9:00pm

Oct. 16th | 7:00-9:00pm


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