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Women's Health


Beautiful Belly & Powerful Pelvis Workshop

This workshop is designed to educate, support and empower women with regards to abdominal and pelvic care. This class is for any woman who may be experiencing pelvic discomfort, imbalances or simply wanting to be proactive about her female health.  Taught by Kristin a Women's Health Educator and trained in  Holistic Pelvic Care™ specializing in pelvic floor and women's health.

During the workshop you will come to understand and learn… (to read more please click link below)

*Cost of this 2 hour class is $35


February 22nd

May 20th



Healing Through Art Workshop

A therapeutic, healing workshop designed for women who have experienced birth trauma, loss, or a perinatal mood disorder.

*Cost is $30


Thursday, January 29

Friday, April 10

Saturday, OCtober 10



Reclaiming Intimacy with your Partner

With the birth of a baby come many changes in a home, as we all know. This class series is designed for Moms and Dads who have lost that intimate connection with one another they used to have before baby’s arrival.

This is a 3-part class series. The first class is a meet and greet for all couples.  The second class is for Moms only, the second class for Dads only and the third class Moms and Dads will come together.

Topics discussed will include, but not be limited to, changes that occur in Moms and Dads after a baby is born, different communication styles, ways to build intimacy, things that threaten intimacy, and how to navigate this new, different phase of relationship together.

*This class is a 3 week series
*Cost is $75/couple.


Thursdays, 2/5,  2/12,  2/19

Thursdays, 9/10, 9/17, 9/24



Holistic Pelvic Care™

One-on-One Appointment

HPC is a technique that combines physical and energetic work designed to evaluate and restore
balance in the pelvic space of the female body. This is focused healing for any woman seeking a deeper
connection to her core vitality. It is specifically indicated for post-partum healing, PMS, fertility issues,
fibroids, recovery from pelvic disorders, PCOS, painful intercourse, sexual health, incontinence, vaginitis,
difficult menopause, pelvic pain or muscle weakness, pelvic trauma, any abdominal or pelvic surgery,
feelings of disconnect from self and core creative essence.

* This is a SERVICE and is offered by Kristin Schuch. 

To book your appointment at Sweet Beginnings,

please contact Kristin at (303) 908-2338.

*Make sure you mention you would like to be seen at Sweet Beginnings for your appointment.

To learn more about Kristin and her services, please click "Women's Services"


Restorative Yogassage

Are you feeling mentally and physically fatigued?  Stressed?  Need some rest?  Then, come experience Restorative Yogassage!

Restorative Yogassage is a restful and nourishing class beginning with a short gentle yoga series followed by a restorative practice using bolsters and blankets to fully support you in comfortable postures that will melt tension from your body, mind, and heart.  Jenny Domingue, RMT, RYT will facilitate you dropping down into a state of deep relaxation as she gives nurturing massage during each of the restorative postures.  (If you prefer not to be touched, that will be honored)

When you’re busy and stressed, it can be difficult to enter into a state of deep relaxation on your own.  Our nervous systems become activated and you may find it hard to unwind.  Having a teacher facilitate you into relaxation can be of great value.  Come remember what it feels like to truly let go and enter that place of deep relaxation…the place where insight, restoration and healing happen!

* Class Investment: $25 – 90 minutes

Class is limited to 8 students.  Please register early!

Class begins promptly at start time.  If this is your first time attending this class, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a waiver/health history form and get settled into your space.  Thanks!

* This class is not for pregnant mommas at this time.  Hope to offer this in the future.

Upcoming Dates:

Coming back in Feb 2015

To register for this workshop, please click under our "SPECIALTY CLASSES & WORKSHOPS

Please note, all class names, description and class materials that are not trademarked through a national organization are all copyrights of Sweet Beginnings. If being used without written permission from Sweet Beginnings, legal action can be saught. Thank you for respecting the hard work we put into our creations.

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