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Yoga and Fitness




Yoga For Fertility

Yoga for fertility is similiar to a Restorative yoga class.  It is a gentle healing form of hatha yoga; this is practiced with props to provide a supportive environment for total relaxation to nourish both the mind and body. This type of yoga is meant to facilitate a complete relaxation with restful gentle poses; allowing the body to heal and renew itself.  Most importantly you will learn how to adapt your yoga practice based on your monthly cycle to get the maximum benefits for fertility. This class also offers meditation techniques to learn how to cope with stress. 

In a recent Harvard-based study, women participating in a yoga and relaxation program increased their chances of pregnancy by almost 3 times. 

*Experience deep relaxation as you stimulate the body to move toward total balance.

*Activate healing from the stress of daily activities, major life events, injuries, chronic stress, fatigue, or illness.

*Bring recuperation to your organs, nervous system, and consciousness.

 *Benefits and helps to reduce stress levels with concerns of reproduction, digestion, IBS, Infertility

*Leave in a calm, renewed, and restful state.

This class is accessible to all levels and an essential part of any yoga practice or daily life. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

If you currently taking a general yoga class, it is highly recommended that you attend a session of yoga for fertility to learn how to adapt poses during your cycle.

*Class Investment: $40 (one-time 2 hour workshop)

Partner's Yoga & Massage for Childbirth

Join us for a unique and incredible experience as you prepare for childbirth. This workshop is for pregnant women & their partners.  Comfort measures for childbirth will be taught and practiced, and partners will learn how they fit into the equation.  Breathing exercises, positions, and hands on massage to assist during the childbirth experience will be discussed.  For women who've been attending prenatal yoga, this is a wonderful way to bring your partner into your practice.  ??Women new to yoga and your partners are welcome as well!  ??A beautiful way to connect as you transition into parenthood! This workshop is co-taught by a yoga teacher and a massage therapist.

  * Class Investment: $40 per couple.

Prenatal Yoga
This yoga class is designed specifically for the journey of pregnancy. Poses & breath work used in class will strengthen and tone the body, increase flexibility, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and exercise the spine to increase overall comfort. These classes also provide a safe environment to connect with other pregnant women, addressing any concerns, and sharing in the joy of transitioning to motherhood. Rrestorative and vinyasa, labor positioning for birth and some yoga therapy are incorporated.

Baby & Me Yoga
Baby & Caregiver (Mom, Dad, Nanny!) yoga will strengthen your body and address any aches and pains that come along with caring for an infant, while at the same time increasing the bond between you and your baby. Interactive poses combined with songs and movement for both adult and baby, and exercises to help baby develop motor skills, aid in digestion, & more. *This class is ideal for babies up to crawling.

Baby & Me Yoga for (crawlers/walkers)

Here's the class you've requested Moms!  This is a class for your crawling or walking baby (ideal for up to 18 mo), and Mom, Dad, Grandma, or any other care provider.  The class will include 30-35 minutes of yoga for adults, and movements, songs, and poses to support the development of your baby.  Adult yoga will included exercises to restrengthen the abdominals, and poses to increase strength and flexibility.  Bring your baby, and let's have some fun!


Class Pricing

Prenatal Yoga

Drop-in Class -$15
5 Class Package -$70
10 Class Package -$130

*These packages are good for ANY yoga/fitness class.

Parent / Baby / Toddler Yoga

Drop-in Class - $10
5 Class Package - $45

Classes can be purchased & scheduled ONLINE

**Weekend Yoga Students:  Please be aware that our Fri-Sun classes (and sometimes Thur) will be cancelled approximately 6 times per year due to professional trainings that we hold in our studio.  We apologize for the inconvenience at these times.  Please always check our online schedule for any changes.

Workshop Pricing

Partner's Yoga & Massage for Childbirth - $40

Yoga for Fertility - $40


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