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Trying to find a maternity bra and/or a nursing bra that not only can give you comforting support for your breasts but also make you feel like a woman.  Our nursing bras not

only offer the support your breast are aching for but they will also make you feel pretty while wearing them. 

If you happen to not see your size or color you may prefer, please ask. We can special order an item that fits your style and comfort level. 

Please allow at least 7-10 days for any special orders.

Having Difficulty finding a nursing bra that fits?

At Sweet Beginnings, we have listened and have heard your comments: “It’s impossible to find comfortable nursing bras”, “Why can’t nursing bras look sexy rather than old-lady looking?” and the question that got me thinking…” I love the bra I’m in, but they just don’t make nursing bras”. 

Sweet Beginnings has added a seamstress to our staff who can now convert your regular bras into nursing bras for Breastfeeding!

How does this work? Just make sure you have a well-fitted bra that fits your band and cup size comfortably and the bra should not dig anywhere.  If you are to choose an underwire bra, please make sure the wires sit comfortable over your ribs and the underwire never sits on or rides up on your breasts.  Wearing a bra that does not fit or sit well on your body especially throughout your journey of breastfeeding, it could possibly lead you down a path of clogged ducts or mastitis.

You will need: The straps need to have at least the extended length of 2cm to accommodate for the straps getting shorter to add the clips.  The clasp closures that will be added to your bra are convenient for breastfeeding and will be able to be utilized by one hand all while holding you little one with the other.

Currently this addition to our boutique is only available in store.  For more information in regards to price and turn around time, please stop by to see our samples.


 Hands Free Bra
  Hands Free Nursing Bra
Nursing Bra

  Sleep Bra

Sleep Nursing Bra