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Yoga and Fitness



Prenatal Yoga
This yoga class is designed specifically for the journey of pregnancy. Poses & breath work used in class will strengthen and tone the body, increase flexibility, improve circulation, aid in digestion, and exercise the spine to increase overall comfort. These classes also provide a safe environment to connect with other pregnant women, addressing any concerns, and sharing in the joy of transitioning to motherhood.

Prenatal Fitness
Join other expectant mothers in a private fitness environment. Classes are open to all levels. Reduce the physiological and psychological pregnancy stressors while you bond with other expectant mothers over a common goal, your healthy pregnancy.

  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Meditation
  • Easier Delivery
  • Improved postpartum recovery

Zumba for Pregnancy & New Moms!
This is an aerobics class with a little salsa, chacha, meringue and hip-hop all in one. Fun & energetic dance workout. Don't need dance experience. *Bring water and a towel with you. Babies up to crawling are welcome to come along to class with you.

Baby & Me Yoga
Baby & Caregiver (Mom, Dad, Nanny!) yoga will strengthen your body and address any aches and pains that come along with caring for an infant, while at the same time increasing the bond between you and your baby. Interactive poses for both adult and baby, and exercises to help baby develop motor skills, aid in digestion, & more. *This class is ideal for babies up to crawling.

Parent & Tot Yoga
This is a class for children crawling up to 3 years, and their mom, dad, grandparent, or whoever their caregiver is at the time. Movement through songs, games, and yoga poses will create a foundation for a lifelong bonding activity. Adult yoga will also be a part of the class, and during this time, toddlers can play with toys, interact with each other, or join their caregiver on the mat!

Family Yoga
Join us on Saturday mornings for a yoga experience for the whole family! Of course it doesn't need to be your WHOLE family, but it can be. This is a fun, playful class designed for the ages that show up. Spend some quality time with each other learning poses to help with physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Kiddos will engage in learning through play. Both parents, one parent, or any caregiver can join the fun!

Kids Yoga
In this playful and fun class atmosphere, your child will learn challenging and creative poses through games, props, and songs. Classes will focus on building self-confidence, physical strength, and concentration with encouragement on expressing their individuality. This class is open to Pre-K thru school age children.

Stories & Yoga
Coming in April!

Momma's Yoga
This is for all Moms. Poses will focus on safely re-strengthening the core, back, and pelvic muscles, while releasing tightness in the neck and shoulders. *For Moms without their babies. Older kids that can sit and play are welcome to hang out.

Yoga for EveryBODY
This is an adult yoga class open to all levels and ages. Dads or grandfathers interested in yoga are welcome here too! Poses that help increase flexibility and strengthen the body will be taught, and modifications will be given to accommodate individual needs.

Class Pricing

Drop-in Class -$15
5 Class Package -$70
10 Class Package -$130
*These packages are good for ANY yoga/fitness class.

*If you're only planning on taking Baby & Me, Parent & Tot, Family yoga, Stories & Yoga or kids yoga, pricing is as follows:
Drop-in Class - $10
5 Class Package - $45

Family Yoga - $10 for 1 child, or $15 for 2 or more. Parents are free!

*Denver Locals! Your first class is FREE, so come try us out!

Call 303-396-7330 or just show u p for class to try your first class for free. Otherwise, classes can be purchased & scheduled ONLINE

Workshop Pricing

Partner's Yoga & Massage for Childbirth - $40
Parent's Yoga Night Out- $20



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